Greg Jansen

Greg works across the education sector from early childhood through to secondary school environments throughout New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia. With a focus on developing robust relational culture in school communities, this has expanded into school / community strategic and leadership development, whole school change and wider cluster development as well as specific skill training.

Greg works actively with principals, lead teams and change makers providing mentoring and coaching opportunities to support them to challenge thinking, deepen understanding, and develop practical future focused pathways, for themselves, their schools and wider community impact. He frequently co-designs and delivers specific projects and learning opportunities for leaders, teams and whole school communities.

He is passionate about developing the potential and capability in those he works with, and has a wealth of experience both teaching and leading within and beyond mainstream education. Greg has working extensively with NZ Ministry of Education supporting them in resource development, training and programme design. Greg and his colleague Richard Matla created Restorative Schools in 2007 and since then have worked with thousands of teachers, students, principals, administrators, youth workers and parents both within New Zealand and Internationally. He currently sits on the Senior Leadership Team of the PB4L Restorative Practices project with the Institute of Professional Learning – University of Waikato.

Greg Jansen pic